Pray for Naples

On Earth as in Heaven
                                                                                    Sponsored by Kingdom Life Church Naples

In Naples as it is in Heaven

Most people think of Naples as being a taste of Heaven with our beautiful beaches and golf courses, amazing fishing, wonderful restaurants and world famous Everglades on our doorstep. We certainly have a head start. However this is still planet earth and there are many things which still need to be transformed and renewed, even in Naples!

In the Lord's Prayer, Jesus teaches his disciples to pray that the Kingdom of God will come on "Earth as in Heaven". Imagine what that would be like in Naples!  If you think things are amazing here at the moment,  just think what it would be like if heaven were really to begin to come to earth in Naples (and Collier County of course). The sense of love, beauty and wonderment would increase; people would be even friendlier. Everyone would be healthier as cancer and other illness rates would drop. Property values would soar as people began to realize something special was going on and want to live here.  Even business and commerce would be effected in a positive way. 

This is not a fantasy, it is happening in cities where the citizens have prayed for God's Kingdom to come on Earth as it is in Heaven. Even if you are not a believer it doesn't matter. God loves you and will hear your prayer. Lol! If  do you talk to yourself anyway, why not just spend some time talking good intentions about our city and county ! You may be surprised what will happen. 

This website has one aim and one aim only to facilitate and encourage people to pray for our community. We hope you will take time to sit and pray and come back often. We believe that God has only the best intentions for our community and that prayer really does move the hand of God. Whether it is to bless or to heal, to empower or restore, God intentions are always for our good. Please enter now into God's Prayer Room and move Naples a little closer to heaven.